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SOLD OUT ~ American Epic by Ciarán O'Rourke


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80 pages / paperback (published by Beir Bua Press)

€7.00 (free postage)


From the introduction:


"After a number of years getting to grips with the poetry of William Carlos Williams, and a considerable portion of that time devoted to his mid-century modernist epic, Paterson, I thought it would be exciting to take another extended glance at that noisy, sprawling, and fierce late work. This essay, in eight sections, is the result. 


Sometimes critical, the discussion that follows nevertheless was largely written in a spirit of tribute and exploration. I try to give due acknowledgement to Paterson’s formal complexity and range, to make sense of its volatile and thrilling shifts in register and tone, to highlight its political and discursive concerns (and limitations), and to clarify the often audacious, roaming radicalism of Williams’s social perspectives as projected in the poem…."


SOLD OUT ~ First Impressions by Kevin Graham


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40 pages / paperback (2021)


€7.00 (free postage)


"First Impressions is the print-pamphlet debut of acclaimed poet, Kevin Graham. Spanning registers of irony, inquiry, wonder and remembrance, these poems combine emotional depth and technical fluency to celebrate life in close-up, attuned alike to the realities of loss and the rhythms of regeneration. With characteristic grace, Graham catches time on the move, casting light on the intricacies and intimacies of memory, desire, friendship, and love, in poems that gleam with an inner flame and authentic delicacy all their own. First Impressions is the work of an achieved and assured new voice in Irish poetry."


Glass Life by Ciarán O'Rourke


46 pages / paperback (2021)


€7.00 (free postage) 


"Written in the year of the pandemic, these poems open a window on the world, through which strange weathers and "gusting memories" enter and flow, filling the page with luminous music. This pamphlet gathers new, previously uncollected work by Ciarán O'Rourke, in a poetic series that looks inward to loss and revelation, while remaining awake to the collective tribulations of its time."